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1929 – 2004

Fir Hill in 2003

Source: Savills



Major Thomas Hulbert, an army officer with a distinguished and varied career, buys Fir Hill, with his wife, Kathleen, in 1929. They are keen riders and support the Hambledon Hunt. Both their sons serve in WWII, the younger, Gerry, being killed in Libya.


Maj Hulbert's elder son, Lt Col John Hulbert inherits Fir Hill in 1943 and lives there with his wife, Elisabeth, and their three children. He sells Fir Hill and moves to Droxford Mill in 1954.


Mrs Caroline Jean Walker buys Fir Hill in 1954. She sells in 1962.


Colonel Alastair Down buys Fir Hill in 1962 and lives there with his wife, Bunny. He has had a distinguised military career and then senior management roles at BP. He subsequently saves Burmah Castrol during the 1970s oil crisis. He sells Fir Hill in 1972.


Brig Peter and Mrs Anne Myers buy Fir Hill in 1972. He has had a distinguished military career in the Far East. They sell in 1973.


Mrs Vida Schreiber, née Cuthbert, previously Lady Clive, buys Fir Hill in 1973 after the death of her husband, Brigadier Schreiber. Fir Hill becomes the scene of many parties and gatherings.

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